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It is likely you have someday wondered why an MP3 song’s size its just 4 megabytes, when a commercial music CD only have few songs making it file size approximately of 30 MB. The answer to this question is quite simple. Commercial CDs use a high quality uncompressed audio format, while MP3 is a compressed format with similar quality.

 What is MP3?

MP3 stands for ‘MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3″ which is a encoding format using a lossy data compression algorithm, this encoding format final audio contains much less information (11 times aprox) than the original without compromising it quality (at least not much). How is this possible? Easy, it takes advantage of the human ear flaws.

  • Hearing Range: Human ear is capable of hearing frequencies between 16 and 20,000 Hz, the remaining frequencies can be omitted.
  • Mask Effect: When having similar frequencies signals, we only hear the one with highest volume; lower ones can be omitted.
  • Stereo Redundancy: Our ear can’t distinguish the direction of certain frequencies, so we can delete one channel.
By taking advantage of all this deficiencies, we can compress an audio file without compromising its quality and making it more portable.

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Beside the fact that I’ve already made a slight introduction of who I am I’ll say a little more. I will make it in a non-original way, but more universal and what more universal than music. Without further addition, here the song I think better represents me and I’m sure many others too:

See Lyrics

How many times have we thought: what did I do these days? and realize seems to be a loop.
How many times have we dreamed about that person we like and when awake only see the pillow; we struggle to keep on sleeping and stay a little more in our fantasy world, generally in vain.

If you couldn’t count the times, you probably understand me.

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As an student of “Computers Science” I was told that if I my first program must be ‘hello world’ or otherwise I would fail at my professional career.

¿Why I created this blog?

This blog was created by my curiosity and restlessness, more precisely about web pages and servers. Besides being simple and minimalist,  behind this blog lies several small projects such as Wake On Lan, databases, Apache Servers, dynamic DNS and other nerd’s stuff.

¿What can you expect?

Basically “Expect the unexpected”. This blog is as predictable as my mind, which by the way if you don’t know me it’s a little bit fuzzy.

To sum up, this blog will be a test subject for my computer experiments and at the same time, be a communication media.

And making a reference to C i’ll end this post with a

return 0;