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I’m at Sao Paulo (01 am) stirring a glass of “Palacio del Conde” wine (Valencia – Spain, recommendable) reading some tweets and other answers to my comments based on my reaction to the article netebooks are dead (spanish) and thought it would be better to write some thoughts here to make (or at least try) my opinion on this matter clearer.

Beyond I can agree or not with others opinions, what called my attention Is that many referred them as “piece of shit” or “useless” which I think are harsh words to a product that had quite relevance in the market at same time (at least here).

I have a Asus 1201HA netbook which myself insult sometimes because its drawbacks, some detailed in my previopus post Linux & Asus eeepc 1201HA ; also own a Desktop computer (Phenom 965BE, 4gb RAM, etc), a Galaxy S2 phone; and although I don’t own a notebook or tablet, I’ve used them a lot.

So I’ll try to make my opinion of the comparison between then as clear as I can.

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