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I have this netbook for about two years, It came along with Windows 7 Starter which I hardly ever used because I mostly use Linux Distributions. That’s where my problem started, finding a distribution which works best with my equipment.

Since I bought it on mid-2010 and casually had installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my desktop, that was the first distribution I tried on it but no without some issues.

  • Native resolution not recognized, had to tweak it a bit to make it work.
  • Fn keys not working out of the box.

There’s also an app available at the Ubuntu Software Center (eee-applet) with some interesting features.

Now I was curious how other distro’s behaved on my eeepc so I made a few tests.


Did not recognize the native resolution & couldn’t make it work even with some ‘tutorials’ rounding internet about others eeepcs. Also had some problems with the wlan.

I don’t want to be too harsh so I must say there’s a chance Its my ignorance fault, I’m still an apprentice at Linux so its logic to find some difficulties with no-so-friendly-distros.

Before even attempting to try any other distro on my netbook (though trying CentOs, Mint, Ubuntu 12.04 on VMs) I decided to google “eeepc” and at my surprise found the following result:

It doesn’t list my 1201HA specifically but pretty close so decided to give it a try.


As soon as the installer screen showed up at the proper resolution I got excited about it, native resolution recognized with no tweaks needed, touch pad  working perfectly with “two-finger scroll” and most Fn keys Working. And here relies the only issue I’ve found so far, the brightness keys does not work (not even the gnome brightness control). I managed myself to make a rough solution by keyboard shortcut calling for an script that echoes values to the ../brightness file thus changing the displays brightness.

Its not a pretty solution but hey!…it works. Again, I’m pretty rookie with Linux so I cant call any distro’s fault. If I have any spare time (and energy) I’ll try other distros such as CentOs, Mint(Ubuntu & Debian based), eeeUbuntu to see if I get any better results.

To sum up, it seems there’s no easy road with this specific model, perhaps because of the GMA500 (I’ve read some swears because of it) or perhaps my lack of experience/knowledge…I don’t know…next time, I’ll google the model’s performance with Linux before buying it.

PS: My English is quite rusted, so pardon me.

2 Responses to “Linux & Asus eeepc 1201HA”

  1. galda

    Buenas noches Aleperno.
    Por si te interesa, en mi eee-pc, tras probar varias distros, creo que la que mejor le va es Fuduntu.



    • aleperno

      Interesante, que modelo?
      Por ejemplo Ubuntu 10.04 anda excepcionalmente en una 1005, pero en la del artículo no tanto.

      Saludos y gracias por comentar; si puedo probaré la distribución que mencionás.



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