Dell 14R & Debian, Review and HowTo’s

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I’ve just installed Debian 7 (Wheezy) on my “Brand New” Dell Inspiron 14R 5420 and as expected not everything worked right out of the box. But let’s be honest, nothing ever does. As I’ll be using the notebook and finding more issues (and hopefully finding the solutions) will be posting them here and my experiencies…. Read more »

LinuxTip: Organizing workspaces

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Depending on which GNU/Linux distribution or graphic environment we are using, we will have available multiple desktops (or workspaces) to distribute open windows in a more organized way. As the number of tasks we are running in parallel increases, so does the need to keep everything organized as to gain productivity. Ther’s a motto that I… Read more »

WhatsApp in Linux with Python

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Since some weeks ago I used a Python library to use Twitter from Linux (I may make an entry about it) It also urged me the question of using WhatsApp from Linux. Today a friend sent me this article (spanish) and trying to replicate the examples I managed myself to get something working. Everything is made through yowsup (see… Read more »

Linux & Asus eeepc 1201HA

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I have this netbook for about two years, It came along with Windows 7 Starter which I hardly ever used because I mostly use Linux Distributions. That’s where my problem started, finding a distribution which works best with my equipment. Since I bought it on mid-2010 and casually had installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my desktop, that… Read more »