WhatsApp Identity Theft

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As I showed in the previous post  it is possible to use WhatsApp service from Linux through a little client in Python. In that post I showed how to register a phone number to obtain a password then logging in and using WhatsApp. The interesting part is if whether is possible or not getting someone’s password and use… Read more »

WhatsApp in Linux with Python

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Since some weeks ago I used a Python library to use Twitter from Linux (I may make an entry about it) It also urged me the question of using WhatsApp from Linux. Today a friend sent me this article (spanish) and trying to replicate the examples I managed myself to get something working. Everything is made through yowsup (see… Read more »

Go Home Intel

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Lately 9gag has been flooded with “Go home..you are drunk” jokes. Few days ago procrastinating as usual I found this image posted: I couldn’t help notice that actually Its correct replying “yes” that question, that it was a matter  of what meaning we commonly give to that question. When we ask “Is it a tablet… Read more »

Linux & Asus eeepc 1201HA

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I have this netbook for about two years, It came along with Windows 7 Starter which I hardly ever used because I mostly use Linux Distributions. That’s where my problem started, finding a distribution which works best with my equipment. Since I bought it on mid-2010 and casually had installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my desktop, that… Read more »

Agregar Tu Cuenta de Twitter a Sharedaddy

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If we have Sharedaddy we probably would like that whoever twitts our blog, mentions our account through a ‘via @ourAccout’. Sharedaddy has currently no support for this, but by editing a simple php file we can make it on our own. First we must find the ‘sharing-souces.php’ file; if we have Sharedaddy activated through Jetpack… Read more »